7th Technical Meeting

Seventh Technical Meeting

The Seventh Technical Conference was held at the Bahrain Conference Center - Holiday Inn - Bahrain on May 19th, 1999. The following papers were presented to an audience of around 140 people:

  • Keynote Speech:
    Mr. Ali Al-Muhareb, Vice President for Engineering Services- SAUDI ARAMCO.

  • Improving Uthmaniyah Gas Plant Desiccant Unloading Procedure.
    Yousef A. Al-Rabiah, Saudi Aramco.

  • Mercury in Natural Gas.
    Yousif Abdulla Yousif, GPIC.

  • Adgas Train-3 Acid Gas Removal Unit Performance.
    Khaled W. Osman, ADGAS.

  • Successful Changeover of Gas Treating Solvent from DEA to MDEA at ADNOC Gas Processing Unit.
    Zulfiqar Ali Khalid, ADNOC.

  • Empirical Correlations to Predict Associated Gas Composition of Bahrain Field.
    Isa Janahi & K. Kumar, BAPCO.

  • Enhancing Berri Gas Plant Dehydration System.
    Shelaiwih Nasser Al-Zubai, SAUDI ARAMCO.

  • Environmental Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor in Hydrogen Plant.
    M. Al-Mashan, B.N. Al-Shaumaimari, P.K. Mukhopadhyay

  • Integrally Geared Turbomachines for Hydrocarbon Service.
    Dr. Gerd U. Woelk, GHH BORSIG.