6th Technical Meeting

Sixth Technical Meeting

The Sixth Technical Meeting was held at the Bahrain Conference Center - Holiday Inn - Bahrain on May 13th, 1998. The following papers were presented to an audience of around 150 people:

  • High Propane Recovery Process, DELPRO.
    Dr. Hammouda Badawy, Delta Catalytic Saudi Arabia Ltd.

  • Evaluation of Molecular Sieves.
    D. P. Mitchell, R. M. Al-Othman, M. A. Al-Juaied, &A. Rahman, D. A. Al-Ahmed, Saudi Aramco

  • Gas Based Ethylene Polymers.
    Mukesh Beri, BANAGAS

  • The Successful Handling of Gas Treating Problems at KNPC-Shuaiba Refinery.
    M. Al-Mashan, B. Satya Narayana, KNPC Shuaiba Refinery

  • A New Horizon for Safety Performance in Gas Plants.
    D. A. Economides, Charles Encerta, CCC

  • Simulation Results for Gas Sweetening Plants Using DGA.
    Waseem Brelvi, Ahmad M. Al-Nemer, Saudi Aramco

  • Minimizing SO2 Emission with the New Clauspol 99.9+ TGTU.
    D. Benayoun, F. Lecomte, C. Streicher, Institute Francais du Petrole (IFP)

  • Implementation of Modern Control System.
    Khader Hussain Sayeed, BANOCO