5th Technical Meeting

Fifth Technical Meeting

The Fifth Technical Meeting was held at the Sheraton Hotel - Bahrain on May 6th-7th, 1997 where the following papers were presented:

  • Keynote papers: Computer simulation to predict and to Optimize Field Gas and Liquids Handling Performance.
    Dr. John Wolflicks - Sr. Engineer Advisor, ARCO Exploration and Production Technology Co

  • Methanol Simplifies Gas Processing
    Ari Minkkinen, J.P. Jonchere, Institute Francais di Petrole (IFP)

  • Rupture of the Two Pipelines in the Bahrain Fields.
    M Al-Dossary Banoco

  • An Efficient Enthalpy - Volume Flash Procedures for Systems Described by Cubic Equations of State.
    O. Al-Khowaiter, D.A. Mellichamp, Saudi Aramco & University of California

  • Environmental and Economical Benefits Realization from Flare Gas Recovery.
    M. Al-Mashan, Khalifa Al-Qallaf, Ezra K.T. Kam, KNPC Shuaiba Refinery

  • Maximizing Propane and Butane Recovery.
    Ahmed M. Al-Rimy, SAMREF, Saudi Aramco

  • Application of Screw Compressor in the Gas Processing Industry.
    Dr. Gred U Woelk, GHH BORSIG Turbomashinen Gmbh

  • Lean Oil / Hot Oil System Improvement.
    Saeed Kamal Banagas

  • Results of the Industrial Trail of S-201 & S-501 Catalyst in SRU of Mubarek GPP.
    Sergey V Shuropov, John Hutchison , La Roche & VNIGAS

  • ADIP Unit Importance of Installing an Activated Carbon Unit.
    Y.A. Yousif, N. Balachandra, GPIC

  • Operation Experience and Development in Gas Technology at Gas Processing Plant in Russia.
    S. Nabokov, N. Kisenko, GAZPROM Corp.

  • The Environment Considerations in the Design of Large Sour Gas Treating Facility.
    Hammouda Badawy, Delta Catalytic Saudi Arabia Ltd

  • New Technology of Hydrogen and Sulfur Production from Sour Gas.
    Kh Ismailova, V. Murin, N. Kislenko, VNIIGAS, GAZPROM Corp

  • New Technologies in Gas Processing
    Adam Chan, UOP.