4th Technical Meeting

Fourth Technical Meeting

The Fourth Technical Meeting was held at the Sheraton Hotel - Bahrain on 22nd November, 1995 where the following papers were presented to a large audience of members and guests:

  • NGL's: The Feedstocks of choice for Petrochemicals Production in the GCC Countries.
    A.Aitiani & M Hamid, KFUPM

  • Treatment of Dimethyl Sulfide in Butane Produced from Arabian Gulf Offshore Gas.
    Gary D. Martinie. Anwar Al-Khawajah and Tom Struss, Saudi Aramco

  • Alkanomine Treating Units: Operation and Practice.
    Ahmed Ebrahim Al-Emadi and Shahid Hasan, QGPC.

  • Activated Carbon Cleanup of the Units of the ACID Gas Feed to Claus Sulfur Plants.
    Lewis G Harruff Ph. D. & Stephan J Bushkul, Saudi Aramco

  • Glycol Loss Problem in Gas Dehydration Unit at Banoco.
    Sataya Pal Babbar, Banoco

  • Catastrophic Downstream Corrosion Due to Ferrous Chloride Migration Through a Butane Isomerization Unit.
    G.D. Martinie and Anwar H Al-Kwawajah, Saudi Aramco

  • The MCRC Sulphur Recovery Process.
    A.M. Childs and V.K. Chopra, Delta Catalytic Saudi Arabia Ltd

  • Gas to Olefin Using the new UOP/Hydro MTO Process.
    B.V. Vora T.L. Marker, P.T. Barger and H.E. Fullerton, UOP,H.R Nilsen, S.Kvisle, and T. Fuglerud, Norsk Hydro