2nd Technical Meeting

Second Technical Meeting

The Second Technical Meeting was held in the Gulf Hotel - Bahrain on October 27th, 1993. In this full day event which was attended by over a Hundred participant the following papers were presented:

  • Demothballing of an ADIP unit for LPG Sweetening.
    Peirre Crevier, Saudi Aramco

  • Desulphurization of Hydrocarbon Gases & Liquids.
    Colin Woodward, et al, I.C.I. Katalco

  • Improving Glycol Dehydration Unit Efficiency
    P. C. Ghoshal, et al Bahrain National Gas Co

  • Inhibitor Protection of High Velocity Gas Condensate Wells in Sharjah
    Ali Abdullah. et al, Aramco Sharjah Oil Co

  • Natural Gas Treatment Using Membranes.
    Peter Alderton, Foster Wheeler Petroleum Development

  • Recent Development in Gas Dehydration & Hydrate Inhibition.
    Robert Hubbard, John M. Campbell & Co

  • Refinery Offgas Processing.
    Michael G. Brahn, Stone & Webster

  • Reforming of Natural Gas: Key to Ammonia Synthesis.
    Othman Mulhem Al Mulhem, Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Co