14th Technical Conference

Fourteenth Technical Conference

The Fourteenth Technical Conference was held at the Gulf Meridien Hotel-Al-khobar in Saudi Arabia on May 2nd, 2006. Over 170 people from all GCC countries and some other countries attended. The Conference programme was as follows:

  • Welcoming Remarks:
    Saleh A. Al-Zaid, Manager, Process & Control Systems Dept., Saudi Aramco

  • Keynote Speech:
    Saad A. Al-Turaiki, Executive Director, SA Gas Operations, Saudi Aramco

  • Installing a Pentane Splitter (De-Isopentanizer) to Enhance Gasoline Production
    Ahmed S. Ghazal, Saudi Aramco , Saudi Arabia

  • Shuaiba Refinery Flare Gas Recovery Unit (An effort toward clean air)
    Mubarak M. Al-Mutairi, Shuaiba Refinery, KNPC, Kuwait

  • Synthesis and Optimization of Ethane Recovery Process
    A. Bashiri & Dr. N. Kasiri, IUST, Iran

  • SUPERCLAUS Technology Plays a Leading Role in BGP
    Mathkar Al-Otaibi & Abdulrahman M. Al-Wakeel, Saudi Aramco , Saudi Arabia

  • New Technologies in Gas Processing - QP Experience with NGL-4 Plant
    Ahmed A. Shuaib , Qatar Petroleum , Qatar

  • Alternatives for Natural Gas Sweetening by Combined MDEA and DEA Processes
    Dr. Mahmood Moshfeghian & Mark E. Bothamley , John M. Campbell, USA

  • Molecular Sieves: Is your regeneration procedure optimized?
    Peter B. Christian Meyer, Dynamic Applications Department , CECA, France

  • New Corrosion Mapping Technology At High Temperature Application
    M. A. Saleem & R.J. Carswell, Saudi Aramco , Saudi Arabia