11th Technical Conference

Eleventh Technical Conference

The Eleventh Technical Conference was held at the Grand Hyatt Muscat in Oman, on May 21st 2003, The following papers were presented to an audience of around 90 people.

  • Keynote Speech
    HE Nasser Al-Jashmi, Chairman - Oman LNG

  • Fuel And Power Conservation Opportunities In Gas Processing
    Mr. Jimmy Kumana, Mr. Waleed Al-Rumaih, Mr. Issa Al-Juaidan, Saudi Aramco.

  • Efficient, High Recovery Of Liquids From Natural Gas Utilizing A High Pressure Absorber
    Mr. E. Ross Mowrey, Lummus Process Technology, U.S.A.

  • Maximising Condensate Value In Gas Driven Development, The Opportunities And Constraints
    Mr. Sultan Al-Shidhani, PDO,Oman.

  • Axens Multibed System - An Improved Technology For NG Purification
    Mr. Laurent Savary, Mr. Philippe Travers, Axens,France

  • Egypt's NGL & LNG Projects - Development & Outlook
    Mr. Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Egyptian Gas Holding Company.

  • Accurate Method For Predicting The LNG Density
    Dr. Mahmood Moshfeghian, University Of Qatar.

  • Trouble Shooting Amine Foaming Problem in Gas Treatment Facility- A Gas Plant Case Study
    Mr. Mater Al Dhafeeri. Saudi Aramco

  • Successful Revamp Of An Offshore TEG Unit To Drizo At Ekofish
    Mr. Arild Aarskorg. ConocoPhillips & Mr. Thierry Fontaine, Mr. Chantal Rigaill, Mr.Christian Streicher, Prosernat IFP Group