The GPA – GCC Chapter “Best Paper Award” is given to recognize outstanding technical papers and presentations which are delivered during the Annual Technical Conferences. The award will be presented to the Best Paper Author by the Chapter Chairman and other Executive Committee members at the Annual Technical Conference. Awards have been made to date as follows:

  • 26th Annual Technical Conference 6th 8th March 2018

    Best Papers for the 26th  GPA-GCC Conference (Muscat- Oman 2018):- 

    1- Best Paper – Platinum Category to Mr. Muhammad Akiel Anwar  and Ms. Marwa Al-Harrasi - from PDO – Sultanate of Oman who presented a paper on” Kauther Gas Plant TEG troubleshooting  

    2- Best Paper – Gold Category to Mr. Ahmed Al-Harrasi- from PDO – Sultanate of Oman who presented a paper on” No Trip Campaign – Novel Approach to Slash Unscheduled Deferment”

    3- Best Paper – Silver Category to Mr. Mohammed Mubarak Al Harthy- from  Oman LNG – Sultanate of Oman who presented a paper on Alarm Management Optimization in Oman LNG”

    4- Best Paper – Silver Category to Mr. Abdulhameed AlHosani - from  ADNOC  LNG – UAE who presented a paper on  ADGAS Approach to Innovation”

       5- Best Paper – Silver Category to Mr. Diki Andrian - from Saudi Aramco– Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who         presented a paper on  Optimized DGA Therman Reclaimer Process Control Application to Enhance DGA     Recovery

  • 25th Technical Conference 2017

    Best Papers for the 25th  GPA-GCC Conference (Abu Dhabi 2017):-

    1-    Ms. Angie Slavens - UniverSUL Consulting and Mr. Onur Kirpici – ADGAS who presented a paper onWhat Has Your Sulphur Plant Done for You Lately?”

    2-    Mr. Abdullah Al Ali-Saudi – Saudi Aramco who presented a paper on Utilizing Thermal Spray Metal Coating Technology to Avoid PWHT”

  • 24th Technical Conference 2016

    Best Papers for 24th TechnicalConference2016 :

    1.   Mr. K. S. Sabapathi and Mr. Karthik Rajagopalan who presented a paper on “Innovation and Challenges in LPG Train-4 commissioning. KNPC –Kuwait.

    2.   Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Baghli whose paper was onExperience with Optimizing Steam to Gas Ratio in Steam Methane Reforming Hydrogen Unit Mina Abdulla Refinery”.KNPC –Kuwait

  • 23rd Technical Conference 2015

    Best Papers:

    1. Mohammed Y. Al-Saati (Saudi Arabia) "Successful Journey in Gas Processing During Major Turnaround" Saudi Aramco
    2. Rayyan S. Al-Swayel (Saudi Arabia) "Boosting Gas Processing Capacity via Above Ground Sulfur Seal Technology" Saudi Aramco
  • 22nd Technical Conference 2014

    Best Papers:

    1. Ardian Nengkoda (Saudi Arabia) "Gas Impurities and Risk Screening in Early State of Sour Gas Development: Safety & Environment Concern" Saudi Aramco
    2. Abdulmonem Abdulkarim Alnajjar (Bahrain) "Troubleshooting Urea Plant Load Limitation - How Misleading the Process Indications could be: The GPIC Experience" GPIC, Bahrain
  • 21st Technical Conference – 2013

    Sultan I. Ruwais, Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “Capturing Operational Excellence Opportunities through Effective Plant Performance Monitoring at Saudi Aramco Khurais Gas Train”

  • 20th Technical Conference – 2012

    Fazal Ali Khan, Emirates Gas (UAE, Dubai) “EMGAS Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a Green Fuel for Transportation"

  • 19th Technical Conference – 2011
    1. Justin Hearn, BASF SE (Germany) “Erosion and Corrosion in Acid Gas Removal Units”
    2. Saud H. Al-Mudaibegh, Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “Successful Amine Cleaning Technology Application in Saudi Aramco”
  • 18th Technical Conference - 2010

    Soud Jaleel Al-Ruwaili, Qatar Petroleum (Qatar) “Solvent Swap for Acid Gas Removal Unit at Gas Recycling Plant”

  • 17th Technical Conference - 2009

    Omer M. Ba Aqeel,Saudi Armco (Saudi Arabia) “Mercury Removal Unit (MRU) Process, Operation & Bed Replacement Experience”

  • 16th Technical Conference - 2008

    Ibrahim H. Al-Hamam, Saudi Aramco Maher H. Al-Abdullatif, Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “Saudi Aramco Experience with Reaction Furnace Refractory Systems: Failure Case”

  • 15th Technical Conference – 2007

    Pierre P. Crevier; Abdulhadi M. Adab; Hassan M. BaAqeel; Ibrahim A. Hummam & Adel S. Misfer - Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “Saudi Aramco Eliminates Claus Catalyst Deactivation Caused by Aromatics Using Activated Carbon"

  • 14th Technical Conference – 2006

    Mathkar Al-Otaibi & Abdulrahman Al-Wakeel - Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “ SUPERCLAUS Technology Plays a Leading Role in BGP"

  • 13th Technical Conference – 2005
    1. Faisal Al-Mahroos & K. Kumar - Bapco (Bahrain) “Emerging LPG Potential of Middle East Region”
    2. Gabriel T. Fernandez & Mehryar Beyk - Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “Three-Phase Production Trap Sizing Application for Gas Oil Separation Plants”
  • 12th Technical Conference 2004

    Hamza Bakhash – KNPC (Kuwait) "Kuwait Gas Management System (KGMS) - Case Study"

  • 11th Technical Conference – 2003

    E. Ross Mowrey & Jorge H. Foglietta – Randall Gas Technologies (USA) “Efficient, High Recovery of Liquids from Natural Gas Utilizing a High Pressure Absorber”

  • 10th Technical Conference – 2002


  • 9th Technical Conference – 2001

    Yuv R. Mehra - Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “WHICH TECHNOLOGY FOR RECOVERING NGL VALUE?”

  • 8th Technical Conference – 2000

    Kefah Al-Faddagh & Mater Al-Dhafeeri – Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) “Challenges in the Process Selection for Haradh Gas Plant”

  • 7th Technical Conference 1999

    Yousif Abdulla Yousif – GPIC (Bahrain) “Mercury in Natural Gas – The GPIC Experience”

  • 28th Annual Technical Conference September 2022
     28th Annual Technical Conference September 2022